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24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy

24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy

24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy   24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy
Want to Swim in the Winter? Low-cost Swimming Pool Dome Enclosure Pool Cover - YouTube.

If you would like a different size, please check out some of our other sizes by. All of our domes are custom-made to fit your pool.

When calculating the size of dome you need, try and allow at least 2-1/2' to 3' of deck space between the water's edge and the interior wall of the dome. Some of the pictures in this listing include the optional Dome Heater accessory; however, the Dome Heater accessory is NOT included in this listing. Some of the MANY Features and Benefits of our. Swimming Pool Bubble Cover including the following. Fun for the Whole Family!! Easily installed by a DIY homeowner or handyman. Allows for swimming in your own pool all year round.

Cost-efficient, energy-saving, inflatable dome structures. In many cases, More Affordable than a traditional pool cover. Can reduce the cost of heating your pool by 40-50%. 4 different colors and 2 patterns are available. Safe and Fun for the Family Average lifespan (when properly maintained) is 7 to 10 years.


Aqua and White Striped Roof with Aqua Trim. Solid Blue Roof with Blue Trim. Blue and White Striped Roof with Blue Trim. Solid Tan Roof with Tan Trim. Tan and White Striped Roof with Tan Trim.

Solid White Roof with White Trim. Has been on the cutting edge of product design and manufacturing since our inception in 1996.

We specialize in solving problems and improving upon existing products. The swimming pool dome is no exception, as it has been on the market for over 50 years. Today, there are 1,000s of Ameri-Domes in use all over the world.

Domes used to be anchored to the pool deck using water tubes, and while this was somewhat effective, the tubes allowed the Domes to "walk" in the wind causing them to chafe, putting holes in water tubes. Ameri-Brand has developed an eye-bolt anchoring system that has virtually eliminated the older water tubes; this is a much more stable way to hold your Dome in place and it is also much safer.

Also, there was a common complaint in the industry about the high humidity levels in the dome. We developed the (optional and not included in this listing) Dome Heater / Dehumidifier. It uses some of the warm pool water to pre-warm the air as it enters the dome. This helps keep the humidity down and gets rid of much of the "Fog" when the outside temperature drops to levels much colder than the pool water. Is paramount in the Pool Industry, and we at Ameri-Brand don't take it lightly.

Whether you are using the L-zipper, or the optional Air Lock Entry (not included in this offer), all of these safety cover dome enclosures come with locks. This ensures that children and pets aren't able to enter your Dome, giving you peace of mind when you aren't home and/or out of town.

The optional Air Lock entry is also fully A. Compliant and gives your dome complete wheelchair-access as well as access for Emergency Personnel in case of an accident. Because some of our customers are disabled, it only made sense for us to develop the Air Lock entry; this also makes it easy to move patio furniture in and out of the Dome. Ameri-Dome is designed to withstand a fairly decent windstorm and has been known to withstand winds in excess of 60 mph. Customers have even told us of our Domes withstanding stronger wind gusts; however, we don't recommend pushing the limits if at all possible.

Because our Dome is meant to be used in cold-weather climates, we are often asked about snow. During a light to medium snow storm, the snow will typically melt off the Dome because of the heat coming off the pool water. Should you be expecting a heavy snow storm, simply turn off the blower and the Dome will act as a normal pool cover; however, if you are not home when the storm hits, the weight of the snow will bring the Dome down very slowly (over a period of hours) to the surface of the water. The heat from the water will then melt the snow and the Dome will re-inflate itself. This does not damage the Dome whatsoever.

The dome vinyl is stable from 120 degrees to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. How long does it take to get my dome once it's ordered? Once ordered, the residential domes usually take a couple of weeks to produce. They are all custom-made as ordered.

With your dome you will receive a very precise and easy-to-understand set of instructions that will guide you through the install. Most domes are installed by the homeowner in less than a day. The initial install of average-sized domes takes 3 people about 6 hours to complete. Taking the dome down after the season usually takes about 1/2 the time of the initial install.

Putting it back up the next season also only takes about 1/2 the time of the initial install, (or about 3 hours). If you're not able to install it yourself, a handyman can easily complete the project or you could possibly hire a local pool service company. How long does it take to inflate a Dome?

Dome inflation varies based on the size of the Dome. A Dome that is 1,000 - 2,000 sq.

Takes 20 to 25 minutes, and a Dome that is 2,000 - 3,000 sq. Takes about 35 minutes to inflate. Prior to removal, the dome must be cleaned.

An average dome takes 3 people approximately 3 hours or so to completely clean, remove, and fold for storage. The dome should be stored in a room with a temperature between 10 degrees and 120 degrees (F). Here's What You Get With Your New Dome! A complete, easy-to-follow set of instructions that include a diagram of the layout for your dome showing the recommended positions for the anchor locations. All Anchors Needed for Complete Installation & an anchor setting tool. Eyebolts (with lock-down nuts) to screw into the anchors. 115 Volt Air Blower with a pre-wired. Air Pressure Controlled On/Off Switch. Laminated Plywood "dog house" to help shield the blower system from the elements. Snorkel tube to enable air entry into the dome. Spare entry zipper (should you ever need one). Perimeter cable tie off clamps. An "Emergency" patch kit (should you need it). Dome cleaning and removal/storage instructions. The Absolute Best "Post-Sale" Customer Service in the Industry! Refer to the picture below for a visual guide of the process. My dome is up and'tuned in'. The fan runs 4 seconds on and is off 40 seconds. I love it and brag about it all the time. I told a friend all about it and I hope he gets one, his wife really needs to keep swimming. I will be enjoying my dome all winter and for years to come.

Thanks for such a great well made product. This is my second Ameri-Dome. We got the dome up and running in March.

I got a lot of swimming in and loved it while Portland was being bombarded with incessant rain. I took the dome down over Memorial Day and will see how easy it is to raise back up at the end of September. No one in the northeast or in any colder climate, should have a pool without a pool dome. Thanks for a job well done. We did have a weird shape and installation was hard but everything you said was true. Make sure if people install domes over wooden decks they seal the cracks between the boards. Received the dome promptly in good condition and all measurements were correct. Congratulations for a job well done. Both my wife and I have enjoyed our pool, even on a day with light snow. (first snow in 5 years). All our friends are envious! Just thought I'd send some newer and better pics of the dome. Shirley and I love it! It's holding up like a champ after the first winter and we couldn't ask for more. Thanks again for taking me out to breakfast when I picked it up. We are very pleased with the dome and feel we have made the right decision in purchasing it from you. The dome is a success in our house. Friends and neighbors have come over to see (and swim) under it and our family is very pleased with it. Our neighbors are considering getting one for themselves after they see how it works out for us this year.

Another one of our neighbors remarked that it looked like our house before we started building on it (we live in a geodesic dome). Thanks again for all of the excellent support we have had from you and your company. I really enjoyed putting ours up. I would like to talk to you about any opportunities that you might have or know of to accomplish that.

In the mean time take care. "Our pool dome wasn't "scratched as high speed winds hit Birmingham, AL and caused widespread damage including a tree onto our office building. Our property is located in a wooded area so tree debris in the pool has been a terrible problem in the past. We also have a lot of mosquitoes and deer flies. We debated whether the dome would be worth the price and hassle of putting it up. Now we wish we would have bought it ten years ago! Last night we had a big thunderstorm but the dome held up great. We are quite pleased with it and were very impressed with the ease of installation.

With the help of our 22 year old daughter, we put it up ourselves. Thank you for a wonderful product. It was great to find that it's made in the USA.

This helped with our decision to make this investment. PLEASE NOTE: Many of our customers use our products for Medical and Therapeutic purposes.

We are not doctors and make no representations as to the medical and therapeutic uses and/or value of water therapy. What you see below is a compilation of concepts and ideas gleaned from various sources. Please check with your own medical professionals to see if the information provided herein applies to your situation.

The Guidance of a Physical Therapist, Water Therapy can be a remarkable treatment for the following. Aquatic Therapy is considered a. This type of exercise tends. To be gentler on the joints and muscles and can promote a faster and more thorough recovery.

Hydro / Water Therapy Can be beneficial in the treatment of Sprains, Strains, and Tears. Having Back Pain is a fairly common issue, and swimming works your back muscles in a consistent. Rhythmic fashion that doesn't add wear or tear to an already-aching part of your body. Conditioning and builds muscle while minimizing impact. When you swim, around 90% of your body weight is supported by the water.

Swimming reduces further risk of arthritis by allowing a person to maintain their normal muscle strength and structure of joints. Therefore, swimming is not only one of the greatest exercises for arthritis but it's also one of greatest exercises for holding off arthritis. Swimming for Rehab after a Knee or Hip Replacement.

Why & How it Works. Exercising in water uses the fluid's resistance to build muscle and regain strength. This resistance offers ease of movement while reducing pain and it allows for a more.

Thorough treatment with less chance of overdoing it. While you're in the water, the buoyancy reduces impact and stress when exercising, and it supports. Injured muscles and joints during your recovery. Reducing swelling and also improving motion.

Swimming is a positive form of regular exercise for a number of reasons beyond recovering. From a bone or joint injury. The "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" says that the benefits of swimming. Extend to improving your mood. Enhancing the health of pregnant mothers and their unborn children.

It's also a common. Form of exercise for seniors. It's easy to work swimming into your exercise routine once you find a good place to get. Into the water, like your own backyard pool.

Other than that, you just need a swimsuit and a towel. Swimming is a powerful form of exercise. It can help reduce stress levels, improve.

Your mood, give you better sleep, increase your overall strength, and increase your. Besides being a great workout, swimming is.

Low-impact which means it's easier on the joints than many contact sports or running. It can burn a great deal of calories and can work muscles all.

If your main focus is another sport, swimming can be a great. Cross-training form of exercise, and it's something you can do almost your entire life. Additional Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Individuals with Disabilities.

Is a unique environment that provides gentle pressure, buoyancy. Patients/individuals are surrounded by water, it can help them with sensory. Processing, physical exercise, improving socialization and communication.

Skills, and developing better self-regulation. Children with disabilities, and particularly those who have Autism. Spectrum Disorder, also experience sensory integration disorder which means that they have. Difficulty interpreting, processing, and responding to sensory input. Sensory processing challenges can lead to anti-social, self-harming.

Or other inappropriate behaviors and outbursts. Aquatic therapy is a unique way to help students with sensory disorders. Strengthen their sensory processing skills in three ways: hydrostatic pressure. Vestibular stimulation, and proprioceptive feedback. We will explain and talk.

About each of these in turn. Therapy not only helps improve. Sensory processing for students with disabilities, but it also helps. Develop physically and become stronger.

Because of the weight of the water, moving while submerged. Muscles at the same time than any other activity. Exercise has been shown to strengthen muscles in the entire body.

Also, underwater, patients have better coordination. A larger range of motion, improved balance, and increased physical endurance.

With Autism Spectrum Disorder often have physical deficits. In many or all of these areas and so. Aquatic therapy can provide significant.

Water has buoyancy characteristics that make the body. Lighter and students can experience a sense of weightlessness.

Can alleviate fears of injury. And help students with disabilities feel. More confident trying movements that they would not attempt on land.

This confidence has obvious psychological benefits as well as physical ones. The feeling of accomplishment and mastery cannot be underestimated. Physical benefits of aquatic therapy for individuals with special. Reduced pain and stress for joints and muscles, a. Strengthened core, improved motor planning and fine motor skills. Enhanced breathing control, and even increased oral motor skills. Children with disabilities, including Autism, have reduced. Oral motor skills, which means they can have difficulty using a. Straw or blowing out candles or sticking out their tongue. Therapy allows students to improve their oral motor skills and. Respiratory control as they learn to blow bubbles or blow small items. Like a ping pong ball, across the surface of the water.

Aquatic therapy not only provides important physical and sensory. Benefits for students with special needs, but it is also lots of fun. Students enjoy the activities in the water and the socialization effects are important.

Occupational therapists have reported that children with. Are more talkative, communicative, cooperative and. Social after an aquatic therapy session.

Reduces stress and anxiety, improves the ability. To concentrate, and gives individuals a feeling of confidence. Results are not just anecdotal either as studies have shown that. Reduces reluctance in imaginative and group play. Relaxing and comforting effects of hydrotherapy.

For example, psychologists have noted a. After people with ASD have been in the water. Improved moods, self-esteem, and body image.

Along with a tendency towards better impulse control and improvements. The pool environment can be uniquely normalizing and it can. They might not have on land or in a wheelchair. In the water, they can move and play just like anyone else. This is an added psychological benefit. TREATING CEREBRAL PALSY WITH HYDROTHERAPY. Also known as aquatic therapy, is a type of therapy that.

Uses water-based exercises to help improve an individual's physical functions. Medical professionals have widely recognized this. Therapy method as a valuable treatment option for children and adults with.

In a heated pool, water provides a soothing. Buoyant environment for cerebral palsy patients, decreasing a patient's. Effective weight by 90 percent. This allows cerebral palsy patients.

Muscles to relax which allows them to move and exercise more freely in water. Without placing undue stress on their musculoskeletal system. Supervision and guidance of a certified therapist, hydrotherapy can. Be helpful in improving the physical and mental health of cerebral. Ommonly used as a method of rehabilitating the body after trauma. Please check with your own medical professionals to see if the information provided above applies to your situation. The item "24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy" is in sale since Saturday, April 10, 2021. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Pools & Spas\Pool Equipment & Parts\Pool Covers & Reels".

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  1. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  2. Type: Cover
  3. Style: Striped or Solid
  4. Warranty: 3 Year
  5. Pool Type: In-Ground
  6. Cover Function: Safety & Year Round Swimming
  7. Cover Material: Vinyl
  8. Brand: Ameri-Brand Products Inc

24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy   24' x 52' USA-MADE Swimming Pool Safety Cover Dome Enclosure Water Hydro Therapy